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Design Flaw (prod. L'Orange)

from by Chris Orrick



Just pour me a stiff drink and leave me the fuck alone
My story is missed links and riddled with undertones
Of various insults in between compliments
Scarily impulsive and overlaid common sense
Scoured the universe and scorched the entire earth
To find a L'Orange beat to bring you this tired verse
From a tired man who once was a firebrand
But once he had struck gold, he changed the entire plan
Now he walks with a flask on his path
Trying to figure out the math of his bills to his cash
Trying to make 'em match, even better leave him
With a little scratch for his cat and his stash
But in between the laughs and the gaffes
He's a lit match, without a can full of gas
And the fumes, they're never gonna last
So at last, he can light a cigarette and just relax

Design Flaw

Honestly pretty bad, I'm trying to get better at
Thinking about what they might leave on my epitaph
Or thinking about how I've been treating my better half
Or thinking about the shit I'd be doing instead of rap
I could be working at McDonald's or at the plant
Instead I'm overseas, Cali to Amsterdam
Moscow to D.C., Paris to Bellingham
But then the mind starts to think...
And you know, the mind it connects to the spine
And the spine is entwined with the nerves, but I'm fine
I'm inclined to the wine and I pine for the time
When my crime was the name on the spine
Of a book, never mind all the signs, how it looks
It's a crime, or at how the law
Has it defined and I'm trying to be fine
But I'm not, my design is a flaw

Design Flaw


from Portraits, released May 4, 2018
Vocals by Chris Orrick
Produced by L'Orange


all rights reserved



Chris Orrick Detroit, Michigan

Chris Orrick is the patron saint of a poisoned world. The blue-collar MC writes spiteful chants for the permanently scarred, death letters for the forgotten, surly hymns for charcoal lungs. Think Bukowski on an eloquent bender, swapping wine for whiskey, a notepad for a glowing LED screen, the race track for the recording booth. These are anthems for the irate, over-educated and under-valued. ... more

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