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Out To Sea

from by Chris Orrick



We can start at the beginning, we can start at the end
We can do the things we want or be a part of the trend
So here I am, all alone, all afloat on a boat
In the middle of the ocean with no destination known
I got my tiki cup, I got my stash of rum
I got this silly brain of mine I know I have to numb
I let the stars above become my guide, enjoy the ride
I got my fishing rod, the wish of god is by my side
I got a compass, I have studied all the shifting tides
I got a notebook and the thoughts of mine that live inside
I have escaped the daily grind and getting paid for time
Time is never of the essence I don't pay it mind
I follow daylight and the coming of the rising moon
Searching for my paradise, I hope to find it soon
But I have no need or no love for cartographers
I am a servant to the ocean so I follow her

North, West, South, East

I used to be the type that would get sea sick
I found that fighting it was not the way to treat it
In shallow water I can anchor down and have a swim
I learned when someone drowns it's usually from panicking
I'm trying to stay the course and stay away from shorelines
I like to be alone, be unconcerned with your shine
The sun it shines abundant, use it as a resource
Stock it up and use when you have a need for it
I put my letters in a bottle if you find one
Take it out and then replace it with some fine rum
Put it back to sea and hope that it gets back to me
Hope my story ends in such a fashion that it's happily
I put my eyes to rest tonight and listen to the waves
Red sky in the morning and I won't be saved
As the hurricane approaches I have found some peace
This will be my final letter while I'm out to sea


from Out To Sea, released May 24, 2019
prod. S I M


all rights reserved



Chris Orrick Detroit, Michigan

Chris Orrick is the patron saint of a poisoned world. The blue-collar MC writes spiteful chants for the permanently scarred, death letters for the forgotten, surly hymns for charcoal lungs. Think Bukowski on an eloquent bender, swapping wine for whiskey, a notepad for a glowing LED screen, the race track for the recording booth. These are anthems for the irate, over-educated and under-valued. ... more

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