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Lazy Buddies (prod. Apollo Brown)

from by Chris Orrick

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Met you when I was twelve
Met you long before the two of us could know ourselves
Met you long before I knew what love is and how that felt
And now I'll love you till I say farewell
It isn't writing love songs
It isn't easy being you when I know that you're sick and worried
My behavior is concerning and honestly
I don't know what the fucks wrong
I wanna move with you to Paris
Maybe an hour outside of the city center
Where we can sit together if the weathers nice enough
Grab a bottle of shitty wine and we can share it
Maybe that's too romantic
A little corny for our tiny little story
Cuz if we end up in a two bedroom one story
With our little cat, then I don't need to get pedantic

A couple lazy buddies, little house
little cat, never saving money
On the couch, sipping jack
Going crazy honey

I think I'm trying hard
Trying to focus on these words to make it pretty
Nothings perfect so forgive me
If my urge to make a strictly
Loving song about you isn't perfect by and large
Don't think we'll ever grow up
And I don't see that as a problem,
See, 'cuz we come from the bottom
So they leave us with no option
But to see the beauty when it's rotten
and if it's rotten so what?
Take it and make it our own
We see the broken pieces
And these people on this planet
They can treat you so egregious
And if we can't understand it
At least we don't gotta face it alone
I make a pledge to you
I don't promise to be anyone
A promise isn't anything
I'm honest if I'm telling you
I'll probably do many things to hurt you
Never intentional, otherwise I'm dead to you

A couple lazy buddies, little house
little cat, never saving money
On the couch, sipping jack
Going crazy honey


from Portraits, released May 4, 2018


all rights reserved



Chris Orrick Detroit, Michigan

Chris Orrick is the patron saint of a poisoned world. The blue-collar MC writes spiteful chants for the permanently scarred, death letters for the forgotten, surly hymns for charcoal lungs. Think Bukowski on an eloquent bender, swapping wine for whiskey, a notepad for a glowing LED screen, the race track for the recording booth. These are anthems for the irate, over-educated and under-valued. ... more

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